How to Promote Your Dental Practice with Print Marketing

Print MarketingA print marketing guide

Despite the popularity of the internet, print is still an effective method of marketing your dental practice. Simply printing out brochures or a flyer isn’t enough to attract new clients to your practice; here are a few best practices and tips that can help you optimize your print marketing strategy.

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Create branded materials

Make sure that everything you have printed – business cards, brochures, postcards, ads – is consistent with your brand and online presence. That means that your name, the colors, fonts, and overall design should be the same on everything associated with your practice so that it is easily recognizable by your patients. This extends to your patient education materials, invoices, and other internal documentation.


The advantage to print marketing is that you get to bring your practice to people in your community, instead of waiting for them to find you online. Attractive brochures can be distributed at wellness fairs, community centers, or other local events.

Local newspapers
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Local newspapers


Local magazines and papers are the heart of a community. They contain ads and information specific to the neighborhood, making it a popular read among local residents – all your local patients. You can even contact the editor and see about contributing an article about a dental health topic, which would distinguish you as an expert in the field.

Send postcards in your local area

Consider a postcard campaign in your local neighborhood. Get postcards professionally printed with your practice logo and mail them to the people living in your local area. You can use them to announce a special promotion or an offer for new patients. The postcards can even advertise an open practice day, where potential patients can come in and meet the dentist and staff.

Offer a discount

Give your potential patients a reason to call and schedule that first appointment. Maybe you can offer a percentage off of a dental cleaning, or a free service with the purchase of another one. For example, you could offer a free whitening treatment with the purchase of a cleaning or x-rays.

Explore QR codes

Try adding QR codes to your promotional materials. QR codes are similar to a barcode and are easily scanned by an app on a smartphone. The QR code typically brings up your website with additional information about your practice, or a special offer. It’s an easy way to bring patients to your website, and help them engage with your practice.

Patient Communication
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Patient Communication

Use your postcards or mailers to stay in touch with your patients. You can remind patients of their next cleaning, or wish them a happy birthday. Because so much communication occurs through email, paper mail stands out.

Advertising in the Waiting Room

Waiting time = information time. Use and show your patient print materials like brochures and posters in the waiting room. Now your patient has an opportunity to read!
Your waiting room may be used extremely meaningfully for marketing your practice. Inform your patients in an interesting and appealing way about your range of services. Make the most of the fact that you have your patient’s attention while they’re focused on their dental health.
Use the opportunity to raise your patients' awareness in the waiting room and address the issue again during the patient consultation!


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