Reprocessing of KaVo Instruments Part 1

Reprocessing KaVo instrumentsKaVo Guide for the Reprocessing of KaVo Instruments

Reprocessing dental instruments is a crucial process for every dental office. Not only is it important for the health and safety of your patients, but if done incorrectly or not at all, it can cause severe consequences for your dental practice. Depending on national regulations, a practice may even be subject to an inspection on their infection control practices.

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Prophylaxis for patients: Hazards for teeth

HazardsCaries, Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Caries is one of the most frequent types of infectious disease. Almost everyone is affected by it at least once in their lifetime. But not only caries is a hazard for teeth but also gingivitis and periodontitis. For all hazards prevention is the best protection: regular prophylaxis performed by your dentist as well as thorough care at home.

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