Tailored to your comfort from head to foot

KaVo foot controlwith the KaVo foot control

You have got your hands full while treating your patients? Simply control your KaVo treatment unit with your foot. Your hands remain free for a concentrated treatment in the oral cavity. By gently touching the switching surfaces of your KaVo foot control, you can thus access all instrument and chair functions. Moreover the multimedia functions of your KaVo ESTETICA dental chair can be controlled comfortably with the foot control.


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KaVo employees are reporting…

teaser-paragliding-300px…A paragliding adventure – with a bird's eye view

by Roman Frommelt

20 April, 8.30 p.m., the weather models have just been updated and I take another look at the cloud forecasts, the wind at altitude, and the air stratification diagrams: Wednesday looks like it might be a good day for a longer trip to Hohenneuffen (in the northern foothills of the Swabian Alps). Let's hope I can get the afternoon off…  

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