IDS Review: How a global brand redefines itself

Carsten FrankeInterview with Carsten Franke, Vice President Global Brand Management for KaVo Kerr

KaVo is leading the way in the dental market. Since 1909, countless innovations have been a testament to what the company is striving for: Dental Excellence.

By harmonizing its imaging brand portfolio, presenting the future-oriented workflow system DTX Studio and delivering solution-based innovations, the company is defining a new and inspiring world of KaVo. To emphasize its strategy, KaVo now redefined its brand identity – for the first time since its inception almost hundred years ago.

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IDS Review

luftschiff_300px_b1Specials from the KaVo booth

At the south entrance of the IDS, many visitors stand still and looked in the air. There was a white blimp hovering above their heads, advertising for KaVo Kerr in a very unusual way. “Visitors react very positively, they take pictures or even make videos,” said the pilot, who was calmly maneuvering the airship right from the ground.

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Tooth decay quiz for your patients

tooth decayAre you at risk of tooth decay or periodontitis?

More than 95% of all Europeans are affected by tooth decay.

The World Health Organization estimates that only 0.8 percent of the German population has naturally healthy teeth. The extent to which tooth decay forms is influenced by many factors. We have prepared a test for tooth decay which is designed to help patients detect tooth decay at an early stage and undergo the necessary treatment. Tooth decay prevention is pf paramount importance.

You’re welcome to place a link to this test on your website!

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Thank you for visiting KaVo @ IDS 2017

Thank you very much for visiting the KaVo booth on the IDS 2017. See here the latest impressions and enjoy it again.