Highlights & features of KaVo dental chairs

KaVo dental chairs If you’re looking for the best there is…

… you’ll love KaVo dental chairs. Our contribution to a perfect day at work. A dental chair is the centrepiece of every dental practice. It is the focal point of your daily work from which you treat and consult your patients.To meet your daily challenges, we at KaVo are passionate about manufacturing dental chairs that will make your work as easy and safe as possible.

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How to Promote your Practice with Digital Marketing

A digital marketing guideA digital marketing guide

Regularly marketing your dental practice is an essential task for every dentist, no matter how established. Now more than ever, it is essential that dentists have a strong Internet presence as part of their marketing campaign. Here you get information about what is digital marketing and how digital marketing works.

Image: @ Photobank / Fotolia


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