Make life easier with KaVo’s CORONAflex

CORONAflexGuide for a crown removal or a bridge removal

The usage of crowns and bridges in dental work is a fairly common and straightforward procedure. These restorations can help restore dentition or function to damaged teeth. Today, crowns and bridges typically have a longer lifespan then they did in the past. The complexity of a bridge removal or a crown removal will vary on whether the restoration was permanent or temporary, the age of the restoration, and the material from which it was made.

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Webinar: Gain time by periodontal treatment

Webinartooth preservation vs. implants

by Dr. med. dent. Carsten Stockleben

The treatment of periodontitis today is – and will probably be even more in the future – one of the most important operations of dental professionals. However, the opinions which care is the best, tooth preservation or implants, differ widely. Especially when patients wish to preserve their teeth as long as possible – in addition to the medical indication.

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Reprocessing of KaVo Instruments Part 2

Reprocessing of KaVo instrumentsKaVo Guide for the Reprocessing of KaVo Instruments

Reprocessing dental instruments is a crucial process for every dental office. Not only is it important for the health and safety of your patients, but if done incorrectly or not at all, it can cause severe consequences for a your dental practice. Depending on national regulations, a practice may even be subject to an inspection on their infection control practices.
This is the second part of our guide for the reprocessing of KaVo instruments.

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