Prophylaxis for patients: Tips for dental care

Prophylaxisour useful Tips for the right dental care

The aim of modern dental medicine is to retain your teeth into old age. Thereby prophylaxis plays an important role. Good oral hygiene and healthy nutrition are an important prerequisite for combating illnesses such as caries and periodontitis (gingivitis). But this will not be possible without your help. The following points should therefore be observed.


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Prophylaxis for patients: Professional tooth cleaning

Prophylaxis: Professional tooth cleaningstep by step to the Professional tooth cleaning

Prophylaxis includes professional tooth cleaning which is not to be equated with the removal of dental plaque during the biannual preventive check-up, where only superficial plaque is removed. However, this is insufficient for the long-term prevention of gingivitis and caries.
A separate appointment must be made for a professional tooth cleaning, as a careful tooth cleaning takes time. Time that pays off – for a lifetime.


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Dental Webinars – Dental Online

Dental WebinarsWant to learn more about dental online?

Dentistry and dental practice is constantly evolving. The results from new research studies are continuously improving practice and standards of care. As a result, dentists must make a conscious effort to keep up-to-date with new findings and how they might impact their practice. In addition, dental professionals are required to complete continuing educational credits each year in order to maintain their license and ensure that their knowledge and practice is current. KaVo knows how busy our customers are, especially towards years end, and we strive to make this process as seamless and simple as possible.

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